The world according to me.

The world according to me.Thank you for joining me, everyone. with this blog, I aim to make people more aware of my disability as well as help those who have it know that it can be a blessing rather than a curse and that it does not define the beautiful people that you all are or have the potential to be.

My name is Spencer Langseth. I was born on may 11th, 1994 in Houston, TX in a hospital room with no air conditioning…or so my mother says . At the age of three, I was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome. For those of you who don’t know what that is, allow me to explain it to you. Asperger’s syndrome is a developmental disorder that mostly affects the ability to effectively socialize and communicate. It is a rare disorder, with only less than 200,000 US cases per year. When my doctors announced to my parents my disability, they said that I most likely would never be able to speak or amount to much of anything. My mother decided that the doctors were full of crap (parden my french) and made it a mission to prove it. now 21 years later, here I am. Not only can I speak, I can speak quite elegantly and can have very intellectual conversations (though the real problem is getting me to shut up) if given the opportunity. I have also accomplished much in the 24 years I’ve been alive. I graduated High School, attended TAMU (WHOOP!), and I have a very respectable job at this place called Next Step Transition Center. It is a place in Deer Park that caters to adults in the community with special needs. We offer independent living and job training skills as well as general education. I provide transportation, I take care of clients when they’re at home periodically, I help with the daily activities and staff duties of the center, and i periodically teach reading and social studies to the clients. In addition to this job, I have also Spent a summer in Cedar Hill, TX working at Mt Lebanon baptist encampment where I helped spread the word of God to many children and teenagers. In my spare time, I am a singer, actor, painter, and aspiring author. Though every day is a struggle with me with my disability, in addition to anxiety and depression, I don’t let it define me at all.

my main goal in life is to help others and be happy. I am blessed by so much but I know not everyone who has my disability is like me. Some of you may be lost and alone. I am here to show you that you aren’t. If you will allow it, I would like to be a friend and a voice to those of you who share my struggles as well as those of you who know someone who does and just may not know how to help them. I am here for you all. you are not alone.